New Fortnite leaks suggest that Zone Wars will be coming back for Chapter 2 – sooner rather than later.

During Fortnite Season X, Zone Wars was arguably the best way to play Fortnite. There weren’t any mechs ruining the game, and players could simulate Fortnite end-games without having to make it there.


The only problem was that random Playground matches would always be a crap-shoot. Would you end up playing Zone Wars or would someone load a random 1v1 map? You had to roll the dice.

Thankfully, Epic saw the opportunity to introduce a Zone Wars LTM into Fortnite. The community loved it, and it quickly became the favorite mode of many players.

Epic Games

Epic removed the Zone Wars LTM with Chapter 2 – which was understandable. The maps were stuck on the Season X meta, and Epic wanted their fans to experience everything that Chapter 2 had to offer.

Now, though, we’re facing an extended season with another month+ before the next update. It’s a perfect time to reintroduce Zone Wars, and Epic knows it.

Fortnite data miners have found the Zone Wars LTM in the game files, suggesting that it will return sooner rather than later.

According to the leaks, the maps from Chapter 2 will be the same as they were in Chapter 1. We’ll be able to play the creations of JotaPeGame, Enigma, Zeroyahero, and Jesgran.

Here are the maps and updated Chapter 2 codes that are currently listed in the Zone Wars playlist. Keep in mind that these are subject to change.

  • Desert Zone Wars: 1811-9621-1739
  • Downhill River Zone Wars: 6564-6863-3031
  • Vortex Zone Wars: 9310-1401-9904
  • Colosseum Zone Wars: 7058-7590-2628

Downhill River is the favorite map of most players, but I loved Vortex Zone Wars. The circle moved too quickly, but it was my favorite apart from that.

Most people, on the other hand, disliked playing Desert Zone Wars. The map was decent, but we had outdated weapons like the Drum and Combat Shotguns. Let’s hope that this map is updated for Chapter 2’s current meta.

What’s your favorite Zone Wars map? Let us know in the comments.

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