YouTube animator Thoom has released his latest masterpiece, showcasing an animated short of “Ninja in a Nutshell”, summing up the Fortnite stars gameplay.

The clip sees Ninja guzzling down a Red Bull before jumping off the battle bus and into the action – wiping out the opposition with ease.

Thoom is an upcoming YouTuber and aspiring professional animator, who has created numerous viral animation videos, notably ‘Fortlandia’, which racked up over 1.4 million views.

The Ninja video is interweaved with real audio cuts from his streams, featuring some classic lines.

The only problem is that the video isn’t longer, only running for 2 minutes, but ends with his infamous “little shit” line.

Thoom’s last animation was also of Ninja, recreating his announcement of the switch from Twitch to Mixer.

After that video pulled in over 40,000 views, Ninja reacted to it on stream, bringing even more attention to Thoom’s creations.

Hopefully, Ninja will manage to see the new “in a Nutshell” video too and react to it on stream again.

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