A Fortnite YouTuber has taken Creative Mode to the next level, developing a full-length game mode that spans six Creative maps.

Creative Mode has revolutionized Fortnite. Epic has created an entire community of gamers who don’t even play the base Fortnite game as intended. They create and play death runs, puzzle maps, Zone Wars, and trials courses with a seemingly unending amount of content to explore.

It seems like we’re only scratching the surface of what Creative Mode has to offer in the long-term, as proven by YouTuber Mustard Plays. He created a six-map, full-length video game inside of Fortnite Creative Mode.

The campaign is complete with a story, puzzles, enemies, a final boss, and a secret level. Here’s the video describing what you can expect.

The Fourth Dimension: 1500-2565-8566

Above, we’ve included the map code for the first level in The Fourth Dimension. This seems a bit like an ‘Outer Worlds’ story with combat/puzzle/platforming mechanics – but each level likely holds some unique challenges.

According to Chad Mustard, the man behind the Mustard Plays channel, players can expect a six to ten-hour adventure when it’s all said and done. You will fight your way through the story to the final boss and, eventually, the secret level.

Map codes pop up throughout the announcement video. We’ll have to see if these are additional levels or if they hide some sort of secret for The Fourth Dimension.

Mustard also posted a walkthrough video for those who get stuck on a level or just want to watch how the game is played. You can find that here.

The team behind this ambitious creation were working on the map for six months, with a scope that we’ve yet to see in Fortnite Creative Mode. I, for one, can’t wait to hop in and see what’s waiting for me.

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