A new bug has been discovered with proof and it is tied to PC players Frames Per Second (FPS) setting. 

On consoles, players FPS is capped at 60 for both PS4 and Xbox. Having the ability to push that up is one of the reasons why pros prefer to play on PC.

The standard line of thought among PC players is that the best FPS setting is ‘uncapped.’ This allows the players to have the least amount of input lag possible, but it may be causing some other unforeseen issues.

In January Dr Lupo proved that Fortnite’s rate of fire is tied to FPS and Epic took note and eventually fixed the issue. Apparently, that wasn’t the only thing the FPS can affect in Fortnite.

Twitch streamer Bumpaah was experiencing random jump fatigue while doing 90s and was searching for an answer.

He remembered the Dr Lupo fire rate issue and thought maybe his FPS was the cause of this issue.

He changed his FPS from uncapped to 240 and suddenly the jump fatigue went away.

Here he is demonstrating the glitch and the fix:

FPS AFFECTS JUMP FATIGUE: Warning for anyone playing on unlimited frame rate! from FortniteCompetitive

While very few players will be able to pull 90s like Bumpaah, this can still cause issues in other situations as well.

Between the fire rate issue and this jump fatigue issue, it seems like moving your setting from uncapped to a higher capped number can just make your game run smoother in all.

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