The title for this article was originally “You Will Be Able to Get Fortnite‘s “Royale Bomber” Skin for $60 Soon” however some players have received their bundles, meaning you can buy it now – however, most retailers are out of stock or not selling it at all.

Turns out you won’t be needing to shell out $300 for a brand new PlayStation 4 just to get the long-wanted “Royale Bomber” exclusive skin.

Epic Games has had its long run with exclusive items and deals with corporations to try promote a product while also tying into Fortnite. Whether it was with the Note 9 exclusive Galaxy skin or the Twitch Prime cosmetic packs, some of these items have become extremely sought after as a result.

In the case of the “Royale Bomber” skin, it is one of the rarest yet – as you needed to have bought a brand new PlayStation 4 bundled with Fortnite. This bundle included 500 v-bucks and an exclusive skin which players are begging Epic Games to make more affordable.

If you’re dying for this skin, you might just be in luck. Recently, outlets GameStop and Target have posted listings for a DualShock 4 Fortnite Bonus Wireless Controller Bundle which includes – get this – 500 v-bucks and the Royale Bomber skin.

Of course, this skin will remain exclusive to PlayStation owners, but now instead of shelling out $300-$400 for a Fortnite skin, you can just buy a controller bundle which will include the long-wanted skin for $60.

Granted, paying $60 for a skin is still considered a lot, but you get a controller with it – which if you don’t need you can always sell brand new online and get a sum of money back.