You may be able to refund your Rogue Agent starter pack, but it may not be as worth it as you might like it to be.

A reddit user has recently posted onto the /r/FortniteBR subreddit detailing how they successfully refunded the Rogue Agent starter pack that was available since the start of Season 5 until it was replaced by The Wingman Starter Pack.

Originally, the starter pack was advertised as containing 600 V-Bucks and an “Exclusive Skin” – the Rogue Agent skin. However, as proven by the Item Shop for September 15th 2018, it turns out that isn’t exactly true.

You could buy the Rogue Agent skin for 1,500 V-Bucks, making the advertised exclusivity invalid and eligible for refund, as retailers such as the PlayStation Store refund items which have a false description.

The user, under the name u/_Eggs_, posted that they enquired to PlayStation about how the skin was originally advertised on their platform as an exclusive skin, and that they want a refund. They got their refund, and have posted links to requesting them on both Xbox and PlayStation Support sites.

However, some users were wondering if Epic Games would take away the originally purchased skin and 600 V-Bucks, and the answer is yes. However, if the player does not have 600 V-Bucks on the account, they will remove whatever is there. We do not know what will happen if you have 0 V-Bucks, if anything at all.

What do you think? Are people over-reacting or is the exclusivity lie worrying for the future of “exclusive” skins such as Galaxy, Royale Bomber and even The Ace?

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