A new Fortnite v11.40 glitch allows players to shoot through ramps. Is it really a glitch?

UPDATED 1/15 1:43 EST: Epic has confirmed via Reddit that this is unintentional and that they are working on a fix.


The Fortnite v11.40 update is the first true Fortnite update in a while. It brought us a few new features, including the return of the AK and the ability to Sidegrade your weapons.

One of the features that went under-the-radar, though, was the ability to shoot through wooden ramps. This may or may not be a glitch, but early tests make it seem as though Epic intended to make this change.

You can only shot through the cracks in wooden ramps. Brick and metal ramps still block damage the way that they always have.

It’s unclear why Epic would make such a change in Fortnite. Turtling is an issue, but allowing players to shoot through a ramp doesn’t seem like the answer. You can’t shoot through the cracks in wooden walls, after all.

This new feature will only stop one thing: healing on the other side of a wooden ramp. Now, an opponent can line up a shot while you’re taking Minis on the top of your ramp.

Wooden ramps aren’t the only structure that you can shoot through. It appears as though the cracks in edited wooden floors now allow bullets to pass as well.

This one seems a bit more like a glitch than shooting through ramps does, but we’ll have to wait and see. Epic has been nearly silent regarding their patches during Season 2, so we probably won’t know whether or not this change was an intended part of the update. Silence would confirm that this was intentional.

Is this change positive for Fortnite? Only time will tell. My initial impression is that shooting through ramps is going to cause more random deaths than skillful plays, which is bad for a competitive game. I’m open to it until I get killed through my ramp.

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