Yet another Fortnite Addiction Scare Story will be showcased on the popular UK-originated TV show “60 Minutes” – featuring the story of a mother whose child headbutted her for trying to get them off Fortnite.

The teaser for which is… well, quite dramatic, features different versions of a “gaming addiction” scare story and how parents cannot control their children anymore.

It hypes up the idea of what they call “a new irreversible brain change”. One supposed expert on the teaser says “in psychological terms, this is an emergency”. You can view the sneak peek of the program below.

We know that the show, that aired in Australia, particularly focused on one story of a mother from Sydney, Australia – she claims her child headbutted her when she tried to get him to stop playing Fortnite.

She dramatically admits that she is actually afraid of her child, and that the child has not been attending school for the last 2 years due to their addictions which involve playing Fortnite.

The teaser finally ends with a dramatic, movie-style trailer voice questioning the viewer over fast-paced action music: “Is it too late to save them?”

Of course, shows like these are known to actually go out looking for worse case scenario issues like this in order to try scare people into thinking games like Fortnite are causing all children to become violent.

It’s known among the gaming community that studies have shown that playing video games can actually deter violence rather than increase the likelihood of it happening, and that studies trying to prove that video games caused more violence have never come out with conclusive results.

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