Popular streamer and ex-professional Overwatch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel spoke to his audience about his opinion on the current state of Fortnite esports.

xQc was streaming Breath of the Wild on January 4 on Twitch when he began talking about how he sarcastically loved hearing “pros complain on Twitter about how the skill level is changing, or becoming easier.”

“Dude, the game was never meant to be competitive. Ever. The game is literally designed for children, and has no competitive value in any sense, ever.”

He then went on to talk about what he thinks Epic cares about; Money.

Felix stated that he believed that the company cares about money made through the gave more than their esports initiative, which coincidentally leaves the competitive community in the dust.

xQc continued on by claiming that “the only reason there’s a competitive scene is that they [Epic] can make money off of it, but they don’t give a **** about it. They’re catering to their audience. It’s getting easier, and the game was easy to begin with.”

The clip finishes off with Felix hitting out at Fortnite’s mechanics claiming that there was really only one unique mechanic in Fortnite, which is building.

xQc isn’t the first popular figure in the community to speak out on competitive Fortnite.

Epic has a horrible history of adding new items and mechanics into the game the day of big events, which leaves competitors at a huge disadvantage as they fight for thousands of dollars.

On January 30, WSOE held WSOE 3 which featured Fortnite Battle Royale for the event’s first time.

Before players were to begin participating in the qualification rounds for WSOE 3, Epic added in the boombox item which drew complains from every corner of the Fortnite community.

The highly controversial ‘Infinity Blade’ item was added during the Winter Royale Series in early December and vaulted the item shortly after.

Some Fortnite players think that Epic is trying to keep the game fresh, while others believe the development company is trolling with their competitive scene.

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