Microsoft has waived the need for Xbox Live Gold for online multiplayer this weekend.

Beginning today Xbox Live members will not need a Gold membership to enjoy online multiplayer.

This is made possible through Xbox’s ‘Free Play Days for All’ event which begins today and runs through February 3.

Xbox Live Gold is currently required to play Fortnite online so this will be a great time for those without a membership to jump in.

While a Battle Pass would help you get the most bang for your buck in Fortnite it is totally playable for free.

Fortnite is fully cross-play with all platforms, including PS4, so this will also allow Xbox players to play with friends on other platforms.

Now is a great time to jump into Fortnite as we’re gearing up for a special Marshmello concert.

The first challenge went live today while the others will be going live tomorrow, all leading up to a concert in Pleasant Park.

On top of offering free multiplayer for the weekend, Microsoft is also running a minute-long Super Bowl ad.

If you’re not interested in waiting around to see the ad, you can check out the extended 90-second version of the it right here.

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    • You just contradicted yourself. You have to pay for Xbox Live on the better platform. Xbox One X is statistically better than the PS4 Pro and it’s factual. I have both and a PC. If I’m not playing games on my PC I’d rather play on my One X than the PS4 Pro. Games look better on the Xbox One X.

      • ……Because Xbox one X isn’t the Rival to the PS4 Pro. It is a generation ahead of the PS4 pro so that is expected. Like comparing an PS4 compared to a Xbox 360. Xbox is full of kids charges you more and has no good games.

        To make games look better you need games to play.

        PS4 Pro Stomps Xbox just look at the stats and I have never had to pay for PS online because I can play for free.
        And PC is the best platform.

        • PC is the best platform yes. But you also have to pay for PS Plus for like any other online game except Fortnite. I can’t even think of another PS game with free multiplayer off the top of my head, that’s at least a popular game. To say a certain console is “full of kids” is pretty dumb because any kid can have any console, and there are plenty of kids that play on PC, Xbox, and PS. Also both consoles have their own exclusives, and games that aren’t exclusive that are on PS4 are also on Xbox.. so saying Xbox has “no good games” is dumb as well..

          • Which is the only online thing I play on Playstation. I have the console for games like RDR2, Detroit, Spiderman etc. Singleplayer or Local Multiplayer for party games. Not any kid can have any console. It depends on the money they have with how Cheap low end Xbox ones are compared to playstations more get an Xbox when younger. It also ties in with Xbox is being more marketed at a Media PC replacement which makes families favour it.

            Playstation has sold tons more consoles too but from personal experience and experience of people I know (for my region it seems Xbox has much more kids.

            How is it dumb to say Xbox has no good games when it is a fact.
            This generation it has like only Halo which is no where near as good as it use to be.
            People are hoping the next one won’t be exclusive like most of Xbox’s lineup and will actually be decent.

    • As someone who owns both platforms (both standard editions), I don’t think one is necessarily better than the other. It really just comes down to preference of UI and games.

      • I don’t own a current gen Xbox but I have played on it and it may be just for Australia but Xbox players are horrible like full on useless. PS4 players are as good as PC players it is a challenge they still fall for the dumb shit that rarely works on PC but overall they are much more skilled as a whole than Xbox.

          • Well from what I have heard for friends who travel and streamers Oceanic is the hardest region to play in. Just the smaller playerbase means less potato players. And the Pros are seen more and dominate.

        • Current gen? Xbox has ALWAYS forced you to pay to play. lol. The last time playing online was free was during the original xbox days and that was in 2001 and the 360 came out in 2005.

          • Honestly I haven’t seen a single Exclusive that is interesting.
            Old Halo was good but that got made into trash, Enjoyed Mechwarrior but that ended and that was about it.

            Had more fun on a N64 and PS1 than the Xbox. And it has never looked to get better than the original Xbox. Maybe next Gen Msoft will make some good exclusives for it. Hell I only grabbed a PS4 Pro due to Detroit, Spiderman and RDR2. So far anything semi enjoyable on Xbox has been on multiple platforms.


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