With Fortnite dominating the console charts for over a year, it’s about time that Xbox started making unique Fortnite branded controllers.

The Fortnite Special Edition controller has been available through an Xbox One bundle pack before, but now it will be available for purchase outright.

It will retail at $64.99, that is just five dollars more expensive than most controllers retail for. But to make up for the added cost, the controller also comes with 500 V-Bucks (immediately recouping that money) and a legendary skin.

The Dark Vertex skin that comes with this controller is pretty clean

The controller itself hits the standard that Xbox has set for new controllers recently. It includes a 3.5mm headphone jack to help you hear footsteps around you and bluetooth technology so you can game on a Windows PC.

There is also custom button-mapping through the Xbox Accessories App which gives you solid customization which helps a lot with building.

Don’t rush straight out to your local store and try to find this though, the controller won’t hit retail shelves until September 17th. If you just can’t wait, you can still purchase that full Xbox One bundle to grab the skin.

That is not recommended by us though. Xbox’s Scarlett Red – the first new truly new Xbox console since the Xbox One came out in 2013 – is slated for release around the 2020 holidays.

If you already have an Xbox, you would be better off waiting until that one releases. It might not come with a Fortnite skin, but a Fortnite bundle is definitely possible. The inherent upgrades will make it worth it every time.

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