The Harpoon Gun is an extremely versatile item in Fortnite. x2Twins and squad may have found the best use for it.

The Harpoon Gun has quickly become one of the more powerful items you can have in your inventory. You can clear fishing holes with it, pull opponents toward you, grab loot on the ground, damage players, and break fully-build wood with it.

Fortnite players have been using the Harpoon Gun for all types of purposes. They take walls with it, use it for trick shots and – of course – for its intended purpose of fishing.

Popular streamers and pro players x2Twins recently found a new use for the Harpoon Gun that could quickly become the new meta in competitive Fortnite. It involves using three guns to break through structures as another teammate shoots a rocket launcher.

You can see x2Twins and their squadmates utilizing this strategy perfectly in a competitive match. Three of the teammates break structures with the harpoon gun as the third shoots a Rocket Launcher for easy kills.

There are a lot of competitive strategies that work well in theory but don’t translate to real matches. This is one that could be implemented across the board.

Using harpoon guns this way also raises the question: should they really break structures like that? One-shotting a fully-built wooden wall seems like a bit much for an item that can already do so much.

It’s not like players would begin dropping the Harpoon Gun if it didn’t do so much damage to structures.

What do you guys think? Does the structural damage of the Harpoon Gun need a nerf? Let us know in the comments.

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