Nick Eh 30 has come up with a brilliant way to save time farming resources in Fortnite.

Farming materials has become one of the most important parts of winning the popular Battle Royale. It is also the most tedious.

If you have watched any of Fortnite’s tournaments, the Summer Skirmish or the Fall Skirmish, you can see how important the top players find it to farm as many materials as possible.

Running out of materials often results in getting eliminated.

The popular YouTuber, Nick Eh 30, has suggested using the ‘Active Reload’ mechanic that you find in the Gears of War franchise for farming.

Rather than mind-numbingly holding the harvest button, players would press it at the right time to harvest materials twice as quick.

Of course, if you press the harvesting button at the wrong time it would result in you taking longer to gather materials.

This small risk-reward system not only makes farming slightly more interestingly, but it would also help players get into the action faster.

Epic Games was one of the developers for the first Gears of War, meaning that this tactic could very well be on their radar.

Fortnite is also one of the quickest games to apply updates, meaning that Epic Games could add this technique quickly if they think it will improve the Battle Royale.

Again, this is a concept and there is no word on whether or not it will ever be added to Fortnite.

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