The Rocket Launcher, or RPG, was one of the original weapons in Fortnite Battle Royale, and one fan had an idea on how to make the OP weapon more balanced. 

There were only a handful of guns available within Fortnite during Season 1, and most have them have been sent down to the vault.

The RPG is one of the few remaining, and still is one of the best weapons in the game due to how much damage can be dealt.

Redditor VenomViper300 posted a graphic on the FortniteBR subreddit explaining an idea he had on how to make the RPG more balanced.

A idea I have for how they can change the rpg to make it more balanced from FortNiteBR

Due to how the RPG currently works in Fortnite, the explosion area deals the same amount of damage throughout the explosion zone.

For example, if a duo were 5 meters away from each other, but an RPG landed directly between them, they would both take the same amount of damage.

VenomViper300’s concept suggests that an RPG rocket would be more balanced if the damage dropped off from the explosion epicenter.

If the concept would be incepted into Fortnite by Epic, RPGs would do less damage the further players are from the center of the explosion.

This RPG concept would make aim a much more important factor when using the weapon, especially since they currently require little aim to do significant damage.

Do you think this damage concept for RPGs should be looked over by Epic Games, or do you like how they currently are?

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