It’s been only one month since the record for Fortnite duos on PC was set with 48, but now there is a new number that players have to beat.

The record for the most kills in a duo Fortnite Battle Royale match on PC was set at 48 back in May by Bawx and Colson, eliminating almost half of the entire lobby of 100 players.

On June 13, evidence was posted to YouTube showing diddytheboy and dankline entering a duo match and winning with 51 total eliminations, marking a new world record.

Diddytheboy uploaded a ten-minute video which shows both players’ perspectives in order to defend against other’s doubting the duo’s legitimacy.

The pair split their landings, with diddytheboy dropping at Salty while his partner dropped at Neo Tilted.

Quickly they collected eliminations while using the combat shotgun and Burst SMG.

The most impressive part of the duo’s run is that diddytheboy was eliminated with around six players left, leaving his teammate to defend himself.

The duo celebrated the world record and win by jumping with excitement and “going nuts.”

Even though 51 eliminations is certainly a difficult feat, there are other records out there that hold a higher number.

If you are curious to see all the other world records, check out our Fortnite World Record hub!

Congratulations to the new record holders! Do you think another duo will be able to beat 51 eliminations in Fortnite Battle Royale PC?

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