Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf has gone on to criticize Epic Games for adding the “game-breaking” BRUTE mech into Fortnite Battle Royale that has altered the game he has grown to love.

16-year-old Pennsylvania native Bugha walked away from the Fortnite World Cup Solo tournament with the Battle Bus Cup and a life-changing $3 million.

The teenager was not only able to solidify himself as the best Fortnite Battle Royale solo player, but he also stamped himself in the esports history books as the top competitive earner in 2019 according to EsportsEarnings.

IMG: Epic Games

Bugha’s opinion on Fortnite certainly holds weight since he won the World Cup Solo event, and now he has some words for Epic Games since they added BRUTE mechs into the game with update v10.00.

While he was streaming on August 7, he encountered a BRUTE with his trio and had some words to say directly to Epic Games.

Will Epic vault the BRUTE?

The World Cup Solo champ was playing Trios with Ghost Gaming’s Timothy ‘Bizzle’ Miller and FaZe Clan’s Daniel ‘Dubs’ Walsh when they encountered an enemy BRUTE.

As the Trio tried to defend against the weaponized vehicle, their builds were almost immediately destroyed which sent Bugha into a frustrated venting session.

“Oh my God! I’m never playing this game again!” The teenage champion continued with, “Epic Games, remove them now.”

Bugha then changed his venting to directly address Epic Games: “I said, I know you are watching my stream. Remove them!”

While he was clearly frustrated at the current state of Fortnite, he continued on with his stream.

Fortnite community outraged by BRUTEs

Bugha isn’t the only notable Fortnite pro or personality that is upset with Epic’s addition of BRUTEs into battle royale.

Have BRUTEs ruined Fortnite Battle Royale?

A fan-made graph shows that Epic’s v10.00 content update has an approval rating of around 30%, which would make it the least-liked update since Season 8.

While we do not know if Epic plans to nerf or vault the BRUTE mech, there have been a few hints pointing towards a positive step forward.

Do you agree with the Solo champs opinion that Epic needs to remove BRUTEs from Fortnite Battle Royale?

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  1. Little piece of shit. Just because he won he things he’s big stuff lol. Epics does what They want. Not what a fucking spoiled whining bitch says. This “Pro players” are the worst thing for the game! The monster and robot event would have been so much better but No they couldn’t because it would disturb the “pro players” bloody basterds all of them.

  2. Hm, i think i’m done with fortnite intel, it is no longer intel, instead it is all opinions made by more known players, and these “stories” only then make people jump on the bandwagon with hate , anger, and excuses of why they are failing. THIS IS A NEWS SITE, MAKE POSTS PERTAINING TO NEWS NOT FUCKING OPINIONS. for fuck sakes, all fortniteintel is doing is putting more fuel on the fire. INTEL=NEWS

  3. Guys, seriously.. if you play fortnite daily and don’t play any other game like me and many other players, you wouldve shared his opinion. Logically it doesnt fit in the game. On one side you got the building mechanic which made Fortnite so beautiful by protecting yourself in some hard situations and being good at it. On the other hand you have damn robots and explosives added to the game which none of any player could resist against its power..not even by building. I really think that there’s 1 person with a high rank at epic who always comes with stupid ideas like these Robots, Boomboxes, TNT’s, Mounted turrets. It isn’t fun at all. It is ruining the game completely. Every time I see a robot I hop on it and self destruct it, because who wants to win a game with a thing that is so damn overpowered? I doesnt count as a victory royale for me, its called playing false.. and it ruins the Battle Royale concept.. there’s not only 100 players who drop on a Island, there are also 6 stupid overpowered terminators who drop on the Island too, so logically, it really doesn’t fit the game at all..


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