Qualifying for the Fortnite World Cup is a life changing experience, and for BuckeFPS it was a family affair.

Just qualifying for the World Cup comes with the promise of $50,000 in prizes, with the opportunity to win much, much more.

There are thousands upon thousands of players vying for the chance to qualify each week, but only a select few actually get close to winning.

BuckeFPS isn’t signed to an organization, he doesn’t even have a Fortnite Wiki page tracking his past results (that I could find), this qualification was his first huge break in the competitive Fortnite scene.

As you can imagine his emotions were going crazy as he racked up the points into the 50s, and eventually up to 63 which was good enough to qualify.

Those emotions may have knocked him off his game, but he had a steadying voice the whole time.

His Dad.

Coaching him through what items he should use or save, how many points he had relative to the rest of the group, what place he needed to finish at and how many kills he needed, his Dad was there the whole time.

At the end he leaves with some sage fatherly advice. “I love you son, I’m so proud of you,” he began. “Just do my one favor, be a humble, thankful winner.”

You can really feel the emotion on both sides. But it only gets more emotional as the video goes on. BuckeFPS qualified on Mother’s Day, and his mom was by his side as he let the emotion overcome him and they shared this moment together.

You can watch him pop off with ten kills in a win, his Dad’s communication and the emotional result in this video:

This really puts the World Cup into perspective. Each weekend, lives are being changed, and now all of Bucke’s hard work has paid off.

He will be a part of the largest tournament in esports history in just over two months, hopefully his parents can join him at the event.

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