The simple change in update v7.40 makes it a bit easier to avoid fall damage.

Previously players had to build a structure and then they could place a trap or item on top of it.

With the new change, players must just place a trap and the structure for it be placed on will be created if the player has the necessary materials.

In most cases, this just simply saves the player half a second but when falling down it becomes much more impactful.

Now just placing a jump pad on the ground will make you bounce off and back into the sky.

Players with great internet connections were able to do this previously by placing a floor and a jump pad quickly on top of it, but that was much tougher to pull off and downright impossible in a lot of situations.

Here is a video showing how the jump pad works in action:

After the trap building change, it’s now viable to use launchpads to not take fall damage from FortNiteBR

This is a welcome change because with the new addition of mats and health upon kills, build battles have become much more massive.

There are still other items that can prevent players from taking fall damage when entering build battles but having the jump pad as a backup is always nice.

Are there any other situations that you will use the trap change to improve your game?


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