After Epic Games once again reiterated that they would not remove the BRUTE mech, pro players and other influencers took social media to share their outrage.

The B.R.U.T.E. is an overpowered, easy to use vehicle, period. Everyone knows this and understands this inherently after playing just a few matches in Season X. However, there’s one group of people who seemingly don’t understand this and that’s Epic Games.

They’ve once again decided to release a statement defending the mech and their decisions to the put it in the game. The blog post’s statistics remind us of the time Epic tried convince the community that the siphon wasn’t a popular mechanic.

Community influencers response to BRUTE statement

Epic Games might think that they are going to weather the storm of criticism, but it may not be so easy this time around. In a united front, influencers from both the casual and competitive communities quickly began to mock the BRUTE post.

Let’s start with MrMuselk because he makes an amazing point that can’t be echoed enough throughout the community.

Yes, yes, and yes! Epic Games described the BRUTE mech as a way to let anyone be able to get a Victory Royale. However, that’s not the point of the game! The point of competitive multiplayer games is to create an experience in which only the best in the lobby can win. Truly spot-on tweet!

WizKay, a professional player, echoed the same sentiment and challenged the assumption that Fortnite could be classified as an esport.

TSM Myth decided to come at the post from a different angle. As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, Epic Games needs to be careful with the trend they are setting. Constantly adding things into the game to keep it “fresh” has led to the game being completely unrecognizable when compared to Season 3.

Wildcat left a reply for Myth, agreeing partially while sharing his experience with Season X gameplay.

Retired pro player, Parallax, wanted to give his two cents on the topic as well. As Epic veers away from fair gameplay and introduces ‘noob-friendly’ mechanics, more pros may decide to quite the competitive scene. Many of these esports competitors may even move on to other titles.

Somehow, Epic Games thinks that mechanics easy enough for a new player to use have a place at the top tier of play.

Timthetatman took a simpler approach and just wanted to express his sorrow. The streamer loves the game dearly and seeing his favorite experience in years crumble before his eyes makes him upset. We share his disbelief at the decisions made by Epic in the past few weeks.

Svennoss also shared his opinion and pointed out Epic’s hypocrisy. The studio said that they would focus on creating a better and fairer competitive scene. Many months later and the game is at it’s most casual state since launch.

In the replies to his own tweet, Svennoss pointed out another similar Epic Games failure. Before Fortnite, there are the upcoming third-person MOBA called Paragon. The game was quite promising with excellent graphics, unique mechanics, and snappy gameplay. However, it was utterly destroyed by horrible gameplay changes and constant mechanical overhauls.

We truly hope that Fortnite doesn’t go the way of Paragon and don’t see this as a real possibility due to the fanbase being much larger.

With that said, negative opinions towards games tend to have a snowball effect. They might start gradually at the top of the metaphorical mountain, but they turn into unstoppable avalanches as players fan out to find out games to play. Please, Epic Games listen to your fans and work to make this right.