As we’ve mentioned before, rapid updates tend to bring in bugs and glitches. The v9.30 Content Update is an excellent patch, but Wildcat has discovered a huge oversight on the part of Epic Games.

Alright, we’ve got some bad, yet inevitable news to share with you. The latest Fortnite update isn’t perfect and contains a rather distressing bug. At this point, none of these are really a surprise, but we wish they were.

Youtuber and streamer, Tyler Wildcat Wine, discovered a glitch during his initial hours with the new patch. Epic vaulted several annoying items with the update, but Rifts seem to want to stay no matter what.

Wildcat discovers Rifts are still in Fortnite

Epic Games removed Rift-to-Gos from the game with the newest patch, but they can still be obtained. The discovery was made by famous influencer, Wildcat.

Rifts may not appear in floor loot, chests, or supply drops, but you can still happen upon them with Vending Machines.

Purple Vending Machines still contain the Rifts within their loot pool. This means that a small percent of players can obtain these in matches. In fact, the bug creates an awkward scenario where the Rifts are more overpower than before.

Due to their increased rarity, Rifts will now serve as an unexpected and prized mobility method. Epic Games wanted to remove the Rifts from the game to promote active rotations and player controlled mobility, but a bit more testing would’ve helped tremendously.

This isn’t the first time that Epic has overlooked Vending Machines while patching. Unfortunately, Epic Games is taking a two week vacation and will not be able to fix this until after the break. A secondary Content Update is on the way, but according to Epic, this is a pre-scheduled push to live that doesn’t require manual labor.

By our estimates, you can expect to see the Rift truly removed around July 9th-12th or later as Epic returns to the studio. Until then, look out for purple Vending Machines…they now contain the rarest mobility item in Fortnite.

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