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Wild Fortnite Season 2 theory: Fortnite X MF DOOM

Could Fortnite be collaborating with the rap game’s biggest villain, MF DOOM, in Season 2?



Could Fortnite be collaborating with the rap game’s biggest villain, MF DOOM, in Season 2?

This is, admittedly, a far-out theory for Fortnite Season 2, but there is a bit of evidence and history to back it up. Any theory is worth exploring as we wait for Season 2 to kick off on February 20 – especially if you happen to be a Fortnite player and MF Doom fan.

As a massive MF Doom fan, myself, he was the first thing to pop into my head when I saw one of the recent Fortnite Season 2 teasers. We see a large, bald man – one whose face was previously blurred – with a Chaos Agent mask over his face.

We also see the word “henchmen” scattered about in different languages, along with a map that appears to show the headquarters of the character.

Epic Games

There are two ways to look at this teaser with the “henchmen” tag. Either, the person in the image is one of the henchmen or the Chaos Agent and others are henchmen for the real master. For our purposes, let’s assume that he’s a villain and that the truth is the former statement.

The second clue from this teaser is the trail of M’s on the righthand side of the image. This is, of course, the first letter in MF Doom’s name. It also happens to be the beginning of his most popular album, ‘Mm.. Food.’

The most recent teaser – at the time of writing – also hints at a hero/villain theme. Doom is a notorious villain, of course.

For those unaware of the genius that is Daniel Dumile, the man behind the mask, he’s often described as, “your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper.”

Unlike a lot of MCs, Doom the rapper and Dumile the man are not the same person. Doom is only the most popular character in Dumile’s universe, which also features characters like Viktor Vaughn and King Geedorah. Dumile is the writer and his personas are his characters.

Doom borrows heavily from film, TV, novels, and comic books. His most popular characters are styled after Dr. Doom from the Marvel Universe (real name: Victor Von Doom) and King Ghidorah from Godzilla. His songs are littered with samples of old superhero cartoons. In other words, he’s a perfect candidate to want to collaborate with a video game studio.

Now that we’ve finished our brief history lesson on MF Doom, let’s talk about why this collaboration might be possible. First of all, Epic began adding “real” songs to Fortnite in Chapter 2.

All Fortnite players noticed the inclusion of Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up,’ but people seem to forget that the first “real” song added to Fortnite was ‘Ruckus’ by Konata Small – the Chapter 2 intro song that’s also available as an emote.

So, we have a precedent for Epic adding “real” music to Fortnite. What does that have to do with Doom?

Well, as it would happen, MF Doom made an entirely-clean album for Adult Swim in 2005. He worked with producer Danger Mouse to release ‘The Mouse and the Mask’ under the ‘Danger Doom’ alias. He even recorded several promotions for the station and hosted a Christmas Eve special in 2006.

Doom hasn’t released any new music since his last collaboration with Czarface in 2018. He’s been sporadically active since the beginning of his career, with no signs of hanging it up anytime soon. Could his next album be dedicated to one of the biggest video games in history?

I admit that this theory is a stretch. Doom has been the king of underground rap for two decades. His collaboration with Adult Swim made sense – both he and the channel are counter-culture icons. Fortnite might be too mainstream for him. What’s more, most Fortnite players probably have no idea who he is.

Is Doom a gamer? I have no idea. He’s a self-described “nerd,” and makes references to old-school games in his lyrics, but it’s unclear if he keeps up with the current trends. There’s an Epic account named ‘MF DOOM’ with Fortnite statistics, but that could be anyone. Apart from that, there’s no connection.

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I think it would be amazing for Epic to add the Vaudville Villain to Fortnite as the puppetmaster – pulling the strings of all of our favorite characters.

Is it likely? Absolutely not. It’s just a fun theory to explore while we wait for Season 2.


Ninja goes off on ‘boring’ Fortnite Chapter 2: ready for a new Season

Ninja calls the recent Fortnite seasons “boring” but remains hopeful for Season 3.



Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is second only to Chapter 2 Season 1 as the longest season in Fortnite history. This season, like the previous one, has also offered little in the way of new content to players who hop on the Battle Bus every day.

During a recent stream, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins unleashed his fury upon the recent state of Fortnite. He echoed the complaints of many longtime Fortnite players. His perspective might be a bit amplified by the number of hours he’s put into the game in the past year, but it’s relatable to many in the community.

“I don’t want to play Fortnite right now,” Ninja told his chat. “It’s boring, there’s nothing new/ I’m having a little bit of fun, sometimes, but we’ve been playing the same map … the only new places that they’ve added are places with Henchmen that beam you, and laser you, and s**t on your walls.”

(0:33 for mobile viewers)

In a moment of self-reflection, Ninja admitted that he’s starting to “sound like Turner (Tfue).” He acknowledged that he’s having more fun with Fortnite than other times in the past, but misses the variety that old Fortnite seasons brought us.

“It blows my mind that we were forced to play the very first Season 1 for, like, 120 days,” Ninja continued before looking at the chart that showed the length of each season. “Double the length of seasons with half the content. Two seasons have almost taken up a year!”

Ninja is giving a voice to a large portion of the community who are eager for Season 3 to come out. Rumors are swirling about an additional delay to the next season due to the protests in the United States. Epic and Loserfruit just announced a delay to her Icon Series skin for that reason.

We have yet to hear any official news about a Season 3 delay, just yet. Of course, we’ll keep you covered if that changes.

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Epic Games & Loserfruit postpone her Fortnite Icon Series skin

Streamer, Loserfruit, has announced that she and Epic have decided to postpone the release of her Icon Series Fortnite skin.



The entire world is reeling in the wake of the protests and demonstrations surrounding the murder of George Floyd. There are, certainly, more important things going on than Fortnite, but that’s what we’re here to talk about.

Many fans are speculating that Epic will add a further delay to Season 3, following the announced delays of the PS5 new Call of Duty Season. Epic have yet to speak out on this topic, so we should expect the event to take place on June 6 until we hear otherwise.

One thing that has been delayed is the newest addition to the Fortnite Icon Series. Leaks pointed to a Loserfruit skin hitting the Item Shop this week. The streamer even posted a cryptic message on her Instagram story, signaling that the skin would be released on June 3.

Loserfruit logged onto her stream on June 3 and to update her fans and explain why her Icon Series skin wouldn’t be in the shop. “Me and Epic decided it wasn’t the right time to release the skin, this week,” she said.

“I think you guys know from leaks,” the streamer chuckled, “that it was meant to come out on the third. So we decided to wait.”

The delay is an understandable one for several reasons. Getting your own skin in a video game is a big deal, and Loserfruit would undoubtedly feel guilty for celebrating her accomplishments in a time like this. As we said, there are far more important things happening than anything related to Fortnite.

We can expect to see the skin hit the Item Shop within the next couple of weeks. We still have no news on whether or not Season 3 will be released as planned. We’ll keep you updated on all of these topics as more information comes out.

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Bizarre Fortnite bug causes an infinite no-storm game

This Fortnite player experienced an infinite game due to a new and rare glitch.



Fortnite Storm

There have always been – and always will be – bugs in Fortnite. There will be bugs in every game, but they can be more frustrating in competitive ones. Some bugs are fun and good for a laugh, while others make you want to Summit your monitor.

This bug falls in between these categories – equally annoying and intriguing. One Fortnite player experienced a new and rare bug that caused the storm to stay away from the island. He reportedly played for an hour, clearing out the lobby and searching for the last person, before calling it quits and letting a bush-camper win.

Via: u/woofblah

This bizarre glitch was likely caused by Midas’ tinkering with the storm. The storm circles have been strange since the last Fortnite update – mirroring those of Warzone before shrinking to a smaller, more familiar circle.

Theories have it that this is the work of Midas, who is trying to prevent or otherwise mess with the storm ahead of the Doomsday Event.

In this match, u/woofblah spent his time collecting all of the mythic weapons he could carry. He also traveled a reported 28km searching for his final target before eliminating himself and seeing a bush camper in the corner of the map.

Via: u/woofblah

This is the first time that we’ve seen such a glitch, so it has to be rare. Again, it’s likely that the bug was triggered by the updated storm.

Let us know if this issue becomes more widespread. In a game like this, it becomes a war of attrition. How bad do you want the win? More than the kid in the bush? Probably not.

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