Friday Fortnite has been cancelled by UMG & Keemstar due to Epic Games’ series of Trios tournaments.

Friday Fortnite was set to take place on August 16, but it was abruptly cancelled by Keemstar. The brackets for the event were still open just an hour prior to the scheduled launch.

The reason behind the delay for the event has to do with Epic’s own official Fortnite Champion Series. Keemstar tweeted information about when fans of the Friday competition can expect the events to return.

Friday Fortnite cancelled due to Champion Series

The Fortnite Champion Series will be a series of events starting on August 17 which will be played by Trios. Any and all Arena Champion League players may participate in the event.

Due to the tournaments, Keemstar announced that he would not be running Friday Fortnite tourneys until the Champion Series had concluded. As Friday Fortnite is a Duos tourney, the organizer could not find enough big name competitors to make the events worthwhile.

Instead, the gaming personality will focus on delivering Minecraft Monday tournaments until September 27.

While the delay was sudden and somewhat unexpected, we don’t think it’ll have negative impacts on the competitions going forward. In fact, it’s a good move for all sides involved to not have dedicated events running on top of each other.

The Friday Fortnite brackets for August 16 were fairly empty compared to previous weeks. The Champion Series will offer significantly more money and better competition for players, so this was to be expected. We’re sad to see the weekly tourneys gone for 5 weeks, but UMG & Keemstar always know how to return in style.

We’ll continue to update you on any changes to the timeline for Friday Fortnite. For now, if you are an avid competitive fan, you’ll want to hop on Twitch on August 17 to watch the first of the Champion Series tournaments. If you are personally already in Champions League yourself, why not have a go and see how well you place?