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Why isn’t Epic releasing Fortnite patch notes?

Epic has yet to release patch notes for Fortnite Chapter 2 or the subsequent update. This could be the reason why.



Epic has yet to release patch notes for Fortnite Chapter 2 or the subsequent update. This could be the reason why.

Epic Games has been transparent with the Fortnite player base over the course of the first ten seasons. They have always released weekly patch notes to tell us what’s changed, even annotating these changes to explain the methodology behind them.

Although we didn’t always agree with the development team, we as players were able to understand what was going on. When we played, we didn’t have to question whether something happened because of a hidden update none of us knew about.

With the release of Fortnite Chapter 2, Epic changed this practice. They didn’t release any patch notes for the update, even though they completely overhauled the looting system, changed certain weapons, and made chests spawn at a 100% rate – among many other changes.

Credit: Epic Games

The first lack of patch notes was understandable. Epic wanted us to think about Fortnite Chapter 2 as a brand new game. When the Division 2 came out, you didn’t look for patch notes to tell you what had changed since the first game. You found out on your own as you played.

Now, though, we’ve seen the first content update of Chapter 2 come and go without any official patch notes from Epic. We know that they fixed a few bugs and overhauled the XP system, but don’t know if they did anything apart from that.

Why is this? Why is Epic keeping the Fortnite patch notes hidden? There are a couple of theories on this front.

Where are the patch notes?

The first is that the recent content update was small enough that it didn’t require patch notes. Epic might think of it as a hotfix rather than a patch. They buffed XP and fixed some of the major Fortnite bugs. Do we really need a list of patch notes to tell us that?

The second theory is more menacing. Epic doesn’t want us to see what they’re doing. We, as players, complain too much about any change Epic makes. A small – yet impactful – change could get noticed in the patch notes that would otherwise take players several weeks to understand.

The less Epic tells us, the less we’ll have to complain about. Now, all we can complain about is the fact that Epic isn’t being transparent anymore.

Credit: Epic Games

If this is truly the case, it is going to anger the core player base of Fortnite. Sooner or later, Epic is going to make a drastic change that is widely hated. Players won’t know the specifics of the change – at least right away. Sadly, the frustration could end with a massive downtick in the Fortnite player count.

Of course, this is the worst-case scenario. We still haven’t gotten a full Fortnite patch for Season 2, so there’s a strong chance that Epic is just waiting until then.

Why do you think Epic is neglecting the Fortnite patch notes? Let us know in the comments.


How to collect Floating Rings at Steamy Stacks in Fortnite

Floating rings are back for Season 4 Week 9 – this time, in Steamy Stacks. Here are all of the Floating Ring locations.



Floating Rings at Steamy Stacks Fortnite

Fortnite Season 4 Week 9 has brought yet another “Floating Rings” challenge to the game – this time in Steamy Stacks. At least we’ll be able to glide out of the area when we’re done.

The five floating rings are scattered around the POI – both inside and outside. You’ll find them on the roof of the primary building, a the top of a mechanical piece in the center of the POI, above one of the tubes to the south, and inside two of the buildings.

We know that this description and image doesn’t give you too much to go on – this week’s challenge is a bit more difficult to describe than some of the Floating Rings quests in previous weeks.

To make things easier, we included a video from HarryNinetyFour that will show you all of the Floating Rings in Steamy Stacks and exactly where you can find them.

As always, we recommend that you complete this challenge in Team Rumble. If not, then there’s a strong chance that you’ll be eliminated by the horde of zombies falling from the sky.

Week 9 is a big week for challenges in Season 4, with the implementation of Forntitemares, the addition of a secret challenge, and the release of Wolverine’s Logan style. We’re going to have a busy weekend.

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Fortnite Season 4 Week 9 Challenge guide

All challenges for Fortnite Season 4 Week 9 and how to complete them – including the Upstate New York and Heart Lake locations.



Fortnitemares is here, bringing a new list of challenges for players to complete. That doesn’t mean that the weekly challenges are slowing down as players finish up the Battle Pass and work their way to the holographic skins.

Unfortunately, we’ll be chasing some floating rings again this week. Apart from that, these challenges are relatively straightforward and can be completed within a few matches of Team Rumble.

  • Search Chests at Holly Hedge (7)
  • Eliminations at Slurpy Swamp (3)
  • Collect Floating Rings at Steamy Stacks (3)
  • Land at Sharky Shell and finish Top 25
  • Heal teammates with a Bandage Bazooka (7)
  • Deal damage to opponents at Sweaty Sands (500)
  • Dance at the highest spot and the lowest spot on the map

Sharky Shell might sound like a brand-new POI, but you’ve probably been here several times without knowing what it’s called. This refers to the remnants of The Shark, which was decimated by the flood. The removal of the 100% chest spawn-rate hit The Shark hard, and the fact that a lot of people will contest it for this challenge is going to make this a tough one.

We’ll publish additional guides that show you the lowest and highest point on the Fortnite map along with the Floating Rings in Steamy Stacks. The rest of these challenges should be easy enough to work your way through.

After getting your eliminations, searching chests, and dealing damage, you’ll probably be left with the requirement of healing teammates with a Bandage Bazooka. This one is always tough, as you don’t always have the opportunity to complete it in a typical Fortnite match. In our experience, the best way to complete this challenge is to grab a Bandage Bazooka in Team Rumble.

As always, we’ll keep you posted with all of the upcoming Fortnite challenges. Follow us on Twitter @FortniteINTEL to stay up to date with all of the latest Fortnite news, challenges, memes, and more.

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Fortnitemares: Midas’ Revenge challenge guide

A guide to all of the released and leaked Fortnitemares 2020 challenges.



Fortnitemares 2020 is here, bringing players a ton of new content to enjoy. We have Zombie Shadows giving players the ability to respawn, some new locations to explore, and Midas’ return from the dead after being eaten by a shark.

Of course, with a new event comes a list of challenges and rewards. We only have three available challenges at the time of writing, but data miners were able to clue us into what else will be coming in the future. Here are all of the challenges you’ll need to complete this Fortnitemares season:

  • Become a Shadow
  • Travel 100 meters on a Witch Broom
  • Eat Candy
  • Deal damage with a Possessed Vehicle
  • Detect players as a Shadow
  • Eliminate Shadow Midas
  • Eliminate shadows as Player
  • Visit Different Witch Shacks
  • Consume legendary loot as a Shadow

As we said, only the first three challenges are available at the time of writing. Becoming a Shadow is easy as staying in the game after you die. If you do this three times, you’ll complete the first stage of the challenge.

Witch Brooms can be found at the Witch Shacks scattered around the map. We’ll have a separate guide to these posted when the next stage of the challenges come to the game. You can find that linked here.

Candy is found all over the map, but the best place to find it could be at Doom’s Domain. It looks like Doom’s Henchmen have left out some candy for the kids. See? They’re not all bad.

r/FortNiteBR - Either Pleasant Park isn't as besieged as it seems, or the Doom Henchmen are passing out candy for Trick or Treat

Possessed vehicles have been in the game for a while – often called “dancing cars” before Fortnitemares came out. To find one, you’ll need to hop inside, exit, and see if the car starts jumping around. If it does, then you can use it for the damage challenge.

Finishing these challenges will net you some unique rewards including a back bling, a weapon wrap, two emoticons, and an exclusive pickaxe. Out of all of the recent limited-time rewards, this lineup is one of the best.

Fortnitemares Challenge Rewards

We’ll continue to update this post as more challenges become available. You won’t want to miss out on these limited-time rewards, so make sure you’re staying up to date with all of your Fortnitemares challenges!

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