FaZe Clan’s Josue ‘Sway’ was recently accused of teaming during the Solos Cash Cup and it has sent the community into a debate over whether the young Fortnite player was in the wrong.

On August 28 the second week of the Solo Cash Cup began online for all qualifying Fortnite Battle Royale players.

Only players who reach the top tier in Arena are allowed to participate online in the weekly Solo Cash Cup.

As Fortnite Season 10 heavily favors Trios for teams, solo play is still very much popular across the competitive community.

One of FaZe Clan’s professional players, Sway, was participating in the Solo Cash Cup when accusations appeared online claiming the young star was teaming with other players. Teaming with other solo players is against Epic’s official rules for the Solo Cash Cup.

Another competitive player, Sour, posted a video clip on August 28 showing gameplay where it seems like Sway teams with Wistles. While Wistles was in a fight with Sour, Sway seems to jump pad directly to the fight and attempt to help in the fight. When Sour goes down, Sway immediately retreats away from Wistles.

While this video isn’t evidence of Sway cheating, the community was not impressed with the video. Some fans began comparing the young FaZe star with Xxif, who was busted for teaming during the Fortnite World Cup Online Opens.

On August 29, Sway posted his response to the accusations and confirmed that he was “on a call with friends while playing”.

There has not been any comment or update from Epic Games on if they will penalize Sway, but we will be sure to update you if we hear anything.

Do you think Sway meant to double-team Sour, or was it a simple mistake?