The zip lines aren’t as broken as the planes or Infinity Blade, but they can still be incredibly frustrating.

Almost every action in Fortnite requires players to hit some button to collect or use an object.

Not the zip lines. They are activated just by jumping up underneath the line and a magnet appears and sends you zipping to the other side.

Not being able to control when the zip line is being used has made them less reliable and sometimes loses games.

That’s what happened to Sentinels player Jaden ‘Rieo’ Leis and he posted the clip on Reddit:

No ineract key for ziplines.. from FortniteCompetitive

While accidentally hitting the zip line in a bad situation has happened to most players, hitting it three times in the final circle is so tilting it would throw the earth off its axis.

Rieo just says “this game sucks, I won that game” and it’s easy to see why he feels that way after that finish.

With all the new additions in Season 7, Fortnite pros have suffered the most. The planes, Infinity Blade and zip lines are all not conducive to an esports environment.

If Epic wants to keep introducing vehicles and “mythic” weapons like the sword, they may need to eventually split into ranked and casual playlists.

That could make both the professionals and the casual player base happy, but there is no indication a split in playlists is in the works, and Epic may prefer it that way