Keyboard and mouse players have several advantages over controller players. Here’s one way the latter group can even the score a bit.

Controller players, at large, have had the same setup since they began playing Fortnite. The standard loadout is AR/Shotgun/SMG/Healing/Sniper(wildcard).


Mine is a bit different. I start with the Sniper(wildcard) slot and move down the line from there, but it works out the same.

Fortnite Mobile Controller Support
Via Epic Games

There’s a line of thinking that may turn the controller setup on its head – but it makes a lot of sense. u/Raymendez18 posted a thoughtful explanation to Reddit as to why we should move our shotguns to the 1 slot.

Presumably, the setup would look like this: Shotgun/SMG/Healing/Sniper(wildcard)/AR. The reason behind this is simple: pulling out a weapon after building can be extremely inconsistent.

Most people hit RB or R1 to switch from their pickaxe to their weapons. If you switch to your pickaxe, to your builds, then to a weapon it will always pull out whatever’s in your 1 slot. That’s usually an AR, which will leave you at a disadvantage in a box fight.

Taking a wall, editing, and pulling out a shotgun is a staple of competitive Fortnite. Unfortunately, controller players with the standard setup have a difficult time with this.

I suggest giving this a try if you’re a controller player who is trying to get better. It will take a bit of getting used to, but your game will improve as a result.

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