The release of the Scientist skin has led many Fortnite fans to come up with their own theories on who the mysterious group of “The Seven” are.

When players noticed the new Scientist skin said he was “one of The Seven” fans immediately started coming up with ideas about what this could mean.

“His mission is unknown. One of The Seven,” reads the description of the character, which means we can now start investigating what exactly that means.

One of The Seven

Many players have thought the title could refer to all of the secret skins that are in the game, but that doesn’t seem likely since the Scientist and Visitor are now the only one of those skins that say that in their description.

Now that we can cross that theory out, there are numerous other ones we can look at to help get a better idea of who this group is.

So far, it looks like the Scientist and the Visitor are two of The Seven that we know, which leads us to wonder about the remaining five.

A common theory that has been seen is The Seven refers to a new Visitor being from seven different dimensions. Both the Visitor and the Scientist are from different seasons, so it seems to be a fair assumption.

ConsumerofRamen broke it down and explained their reasoning.

There’s also a chance that a new member of The Seven could be coming out of each of the remaining rift zones, but that seems unlikely as it could mean we’re getting several more skins in the near future.

Reddit user Myusernameisthis- initially floated the idea that the members could be coming out of the zones.

We’d have to guess that this group will play a big role in the seasons going forward, but we might not be getting much payoff with the end of Season 10.

It’s definitely interesting to look at how Fortnite’s story has been evolving and now the stage is set for yet another curveball to be thrown that’ll leave fans guessing.

What are your theories on who The Seven are in Fortnite? Sound off in the comment section below!

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