Gearbox’s Borderlands invaded Fortnite Battle Royale with a whole new event and challenge set on August 28, Fortnite X Mayhem.

Fortnite has never been short on crossover events, with Epic collaborating with projects like Stranger Things 3, Marvel’s Avengers, and now Gearbox’s Borderlands.

Players can hop into any Battle Royale match in order to complete six different challenges which reward players with in-game experience or an event-exclusive reward.

One of the challenges tasks players to locate five different Vault symbols, and we have each location.

Where are the Vault symbols?

August 28 was also the release date for the v10.20 patch which included the Rift Beacon activating and creating a new zone around the Truck ‘N’ Oasis rest stop inside the desert biome.

Players will be able to locate all five symbols within the new Rift Zone. Each individual location is marked below.

IMG: Dexerto

There are three logos close together, meaning players can grab the majority with one short trip.

Once players locate all the symbols and complete their match, they will be rewarded with the Vault Hunter Banner.

What are the rest of the challenges?

There are a total of six challenges with seven rewards within the Welcome to Pandora event-exclusive challenge set.

The full list of challenges are:

Be sure to hop in-game and complete the challenges before they close on September 9! Players will not be able to purchase these items from the Item Shop.