The Showtime Challenges are live and the first one asks players to find a poster.

Marshmello’s next stop on his tour takes him to Fortnite’s Pleasant Park.

This isn’t a hard challenge to complete by any means but it does require players to search around a bit for the various locations.

If you’re trying to complete the challenge as quickly as possible we’d recommend hopping into an LTM such as Team Rumble so you have a little more time to search around for the poster.

The posters are scattered all over the map but we have you covered if you need help with finding one.

Showtime poster Fortnite

One of the easiest spots to find a Showtime Poster is in Pleasant Park underneath the canopy in the middle.

This poster is not too far off from the stage so you can grab this poster and check out the venue while you’re at it.

Other locations include:

  • Tilted Towers on a wall near the center
  • Salty Springs inside of a grocery store
  • The side of a barn at Fatal Fields
  • Building near the back of Retail Row by the water tower
  • Gas station in Pleasant Park
  • Factory area west of Loot Lake

There are likely many more posters scattered across the map but these locations will be more than enough for you to complete the challenge.

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 Let us know where you found your Showtime poster in the comments below!

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