Fortnite’s second birthday event is now live and offers exclusive rewards to help players celebrate!

Epic Games has temporarily transformed Fortnite Battle Royale into a birthday celebration which includes a birthday-themed Battle Bus. The Battle Bus also plays a special rendition of “Happy Birthday to you” with Fortnite sound effects!

Happy 2nd birthday, Fortnite!

Players will be able to find different birthday cakes laying around the island, and one of the challenges tasks players to dance in front of all of them.

In order to complete the birthday challenge, every single cake will need to be visited and we have the locations!

Fortnite Birthday Cake Locations

We were able to point out each location so players can quickly finish the challenge. We recommend hopping into a Team Rumble LTM match in order to avoid early deaths.

Here are all the locations for Fortnite birthday cakes:

Birthday cakes are littered all around the Fortnite Battle Royale map.

Once players successfully visit ten Fortnite birthday cakes, they will be rewarded with the Fortnite Birthday music track.

In total there are four challenges for players to complete for Fortnite’s second birthday. If players complete all the challenges within six days, they will be rewarded with the Birthday Slice Pickaxe.

A slice of birthday life.

It doesn’t look like the Fortnite’s second birthday rewards will be available in the Item Shop, so be sure to complete the challenges before they expire.

Fortnite World Cup Weekend

Tomorrow, July 25, kicks off the Fortnite World Cup finals that are taking place the entire weekend.

Friday will include the Fortnite Creative and Pro-AM events while Saturday and Sunday are reserved for the World Cup solo and duo finals.

The Fortnite World Cup venue will include the Fan Festival where attendees and enjoy different Fortnite-themed attractions or hang out with their favorite Fortnite character.

We are extremely excited to see what the event will include and who will walk away winners.

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