Fortbytes are a new type of variety activity with mixed challenges for Season 9 Battle Pass owners. One of these challenges has players searching for a Fortbyte in Fatal Fields.

Each Fortbyte includes different completion criteria. Some unlock by earning tons of XP, while others can be simply picked up in the game world.

Fortbyte #24 is one such location based Fortbyte. You will need to travel to a specific place on the Fortnite map and pick up the item. This works very similarly to secret Battle Stars.

Fatal Fields Fortbyte

The #24 Fortbyte says that it can be ‘found at Fatal Fields,’ it fails to specific the position.

While Fatal Fields isn’t the most building populated site on the map, it can still take a few tries to find the Fortbyte. Unless of course you have some help.

We’ll be that help for you. The map location you already know so head to Fatal Fields. The optimal place to land will be directly in front of the ranch house. This will put you in line with the video showing the location of the Fortbyte.

Simply walk up the inside stairs and enter the second room on your right. The Fortbyte will floating behind some furniture (though players had already cleared the way in the video above).

If you need help with unlocking other Fortbytes, head to our Fortbyte hub article where we will upkeep a full list of all available Fortbytes. There, you will find links to other guides that can help you on your way.

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