14 Days of Summer for Fortnite is almost at its end, but Epic’s still got one more challenges for players. July 8th’s daily objective has you bashing up grills around the map using your newly earned Low N’ Slow harvesting tool.

Early in Season 9, we saw Epic’s desire to creating stacking challenges which would require to unlock certain Battle Pass items to unlock Fortbyte challenges. The same mechanic is used in a few of the 14 Days of Summer tasks, but exclusively with other challenge rewards.

Today, you’ll have to unlock the Low N’ Slow tool and then destroy 7 grills around the Fortnite map. Thankfully, this challenge can be completed in a single match if you so desire.

Where to grills to destroy in Fortnite Season 9

We’ve all seen grill littered around named and unnamed locations, but pinpointing their location might be hard task for many. Previous challenges haven’t really paid much attention to these cooking devices.

To help you and ourselves out, we’ve gone ahead and created a map with the locations of each grill. Remember, you’ll only need to take out seven of these and they are not restricted behind a “in different matches” requirement. However, you will need to unlock the Low N’ Slow harvesting tool by launching three fireworks along the river.

Fortnite Season 9 Grill Locations

As you can see, the grills are all over the place. It might be best to take this challenge out over a few matches and head to some of the nearest grills whenever the opportunity arrives.

Of course, if you absolutely want to complete them in one match, you can. We suggest aiming for the highest concentration of grills. Landing at Paradise Palms is a great option here and will allow you to hook around the outside of the southern desert, into Lucky Landing, up through Fatal Fields, into Salty Springs, and end at Mega Mall.

Depending on the storm’s current paths, you might need to divert your route to Happy Hamlet or towards Neo Tilted. Either way, the challenge is easily doable in a single round of battle royale.

We’d like to cook up some sausage, but Epic’s task seems to count that out. Oh well.

For your troubles, you’ll unlock an exclusive Banner. The icon displays a grill that you’ll be able to show off to your friends while in the lobby.

Grill Banner – 14 Days of Summer challenge reward

Previous 14 Days of Summer Fortnite Challenges

You’ve got an additional seven days to complete all 14 Days challenges

Don’t panic! July 8th marks the 14th day of the 14 Days of Summer, but the challenges can be completed for another seven days afterwards. Epic generally allows a little extra time so that everyone has a chance to collect all their rewards.

If you are lagging behind on daily challenges, no need to fret. We’ve compiled guides on each of the days’ tasks along with step-by-step instructions. You’ll be done before you even realize you’ve started which means you can focus on Battle Pass challenges.

Season 9 ends two weeks later than most seasons due to the Fortnite World Cup and Epic’s vacation.

Which feature of the 14 Days of Summer event will you miss the most? For us, it’s got to be the daily unvaulted weapons.