The eighth week of Fortnite Battle Royale missions are now available for players to complete along with a secret Battle Star hidden around the island.

Fortnite’s tenth season stepped away from challenges to introduce missions, with a new set releasing every week. Players only have a limited amount of time to complete missions instead of having a whole season, so there is a time constraint.

On September 19, fans were welcomed to a whole new crossover event between D.C. Comic’s Batman and Fortnite as Tilted has temporarily transformed into Gotham City due to the Rift Beacon.

Players who complete three of the ‘Gothic’ missions will unlock a loading screen that shows a hint to where the secret battle star is located.

If you look closely at the loading screen, one of the gargoyle statues has the coordinates “G2, G3, H2, H3” etched into the stone. This is the location where the star will be.

IMG: Fortnite

The star is located at the bottom of the four hot springs at the northern edge of the map which has been circled for you below.

Week 8’s secret battle star can be found at the hot springs.

Once players collect the star and complete their Battle Royale match, they will be rewarded with an extra star towards their Battle Pass for Season 10.

There are only two weeks left of Fortnite’s tenth season, and we haven’t heard too much about Season 11’s storyline. Do you have any guesses on what Season 11’s in-game event will include?

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