No tricks or Battle Pass items for the day’s Fortbyte adventure. Fortnite’s number 63 keeps it straighforward with a simple location challenge somewhere between Lucky Landing and Fatal Fields.

Along with the 14 Days of Summer challenges, Fortbytes continue to be added to Fortnite. These collectibles can only be collected in season 9 and will be disappear forever thereafter.

For Fortnite cosmetic collectors, you’ll want to collect at least 90 of these in order to unlock the Singularity skin. We’ve shown pictures of this outfit before, but here it is one more time for you. It’s amongst the best futuristic skins in our opinion and well worth the effort.

Singularity Skin – Unlocked at 90 Fortbytes

Fortbyte #63 Location – Between Lucky Landing & Fatal Fields

In the past, we’ve all collected many Fortbyte with special requirements such as Battle Pass items. Fortunately, 63 can be completely without the need for any additional cosmetics. Anybody with the Season 9 Battle Pass can be pick up the Fortbyte. Free Battle Pass holders cannot, however.

So, as always, hop into a Team Rumble match and start your descent. You want to head, obviously, towards Lucky and Fatal. The exact location can be seen marked on the map below.

Fortbyte 63 Location – Gas Station north of Lucky Landing

The location you’ll be aiming for is a small gas stationed located directly north of Lucky Landing. Other than a few floor loot spawns, the fuel depot doesn’t offer much in the way of weaponry. We got lucky in our Solos grab as no one got weapons and simply wanted to collect the Fortbyte.

Byte 63 sits nestled in between the two gas pumps and glows brightly even when obstructed from view.

And that’s all folks. It’s quite the easy challenge, but the progression towards exclusive cosmetics makes it all worthwhile. Here’s a video of our collection for Fortbyte 63:

A nice and clean grab without a scratch on our armor. We’ve also compiled a full list of available Fortbytes which contains guides for each as a hyperlink. We update this list regularly to keep you up-to-date even if you’ve fallen behind due to real world priorities.

How far are you on the way to 100/100 Fortbytes? We’re getting closer and closer to completion ourselves and Season 9 comes to close in a few weeks time. It’ll be interesting to see if Epic Games plans to continue similar daily challenges in the future with Season 10. We’d wager they will, but always, they’ll innovate on the formula a bit for sure.

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