Fortbytes release for players of Season 9 daily and they all have a specific location on the Fortnite map. Let’s take a look at where to find number 72!

Each Fortbyte released for Season 9 can be found at a pinpoint location on the Fortnite map. Every location is different and some even require additional requirements like the use of a specific skin or spray.

The challenges are only available for Season 9 Battle Pass owners. At least one will be released daily during the season.

Fortbyte #72 Location

The seventy second Fortbyte does not include any special requirement for its pick up. You can simply step up to the item with any skin and receive the collectible.

The clue given for the Fortbyte is ‘Found within Salty Springs.’ The location isn’t too massive, but it can take some time digging through every corner of the small town.

Fortbyte #72 is in Salty Springs

Thankfully, you will not have to look through any houses as the item is located outside.

Land on the eastern side of Salty Springs and located the tipped over red pickup truck. The Fortbyte will be located inside the fronts seats of the car.

Here’s an image of the pickup location:

Fortbyte #72 red pickup truck location

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