Another day, another Fortbyte. Epic Games as released the 30th additional Fortbyte for all players as of June 5th.

Fortbytes are new rectangular collectibles in Fortnite added by Epic for Season 9. These can only be collected by players who own the premium Battle Pass.

Each day, Epic adds an additional Fortbyte to the game world. Each addition sees players travel to a specific location on the Fortnite map. While the clues are decent, a guide will get you done much faster.

Fortbyte #69 Location

Fortbyte number 69 will have you searching for a “stone pig building.” This is one of Epic’s classic animal shaped buildings crafted from builds. The stone pig can be found in the south of the map, very close to Lucky Landing.

Fortbyte #69 Location

If you are planning on getting the Fortbyte in a core mode, we suggest looting out from Lucky first and then heading for the collectible. The stone pig features minimal loot.

The best way and/or safest way to collect Fortbytes is by getting them in Team Rumble. This will give you respawns and minimal enemy resistance when Lucky is on your side of the central line.

The stone pig building is quite massive and obvious. You truly cannot miss it once you get near. Once there, take a step inside through the rear entrance doorway.

Consisting of a singular large room, the stone pig cannot hide the Fortbyte very well. It’s located on the open and raised second floor platform.

Here’s a useful video showing the exact location of Fortbyte #69 from a community YouTuber named MrWilliamThor. Be sure to give him a sub for his work.

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