As with every other Season 9 Fortnite day, a new Fortbyte has dropped for players to collect. Number #68 will have players heading into the snowier regions of the map.

Fortbytes are a daily challenge type added to Fortnite with Season 9. Epic has been slowly releasing these as the days of the season continue to the pass by.

We time Epic releases one, we make a guide for our readers. We hope these guides continue to give you swift and easy access to Fortbytes!

Fortbyte #68 Location

Fortbyte 68 will send you into the freezing wastes of the snowy south-west. Remember to pack your winter coat and a pair of snow shoes!

The hint for the Fortbyte mentions a ‘snowy town’ which refers to Happy Hamlet. It technically is the only ‘town’ in the show. Though, one could make an argument for Viking Village.

The bookstore in Happy Hamlet is located in the north-west of the town.

Fortbyte #68 Location

Once you located the bookstore, step inside and have a browse through the selection of McGuffin’s.

You’ll need to take the stairs to the second floor of the shop. You could also build a ramp to the second floor from outside and bust in through a wall like the Kool-Aid Man. We are not responsible for any property damage fines.

The Fortbyte will be sitting next to a diagonally facing bookshelf in a corner of the second floor. The item also has a purple coach next to it. Here’s an image of the Fortbyte’s location, courtesy of u/BulgarianBL00D on the FortniteBR subreddit:

Fortbyte #68 Location – via u/BulgarianBL00D

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