Fortbytes have given Season 9 players a new set of challenges which unlock daily. Number 47 has collectors heading to a location somewhere in between a Reboot Van, a pirate camp, and a battlebus.

Each of the Fortbyte challenges brings something a little different. Some give players the task of simply playing the games ie. earning XP or gaining Battle Pass tiers.

Others task players with location and navigation challenges similar to the hidden Battle Stars of the weekly challenges. These Fortbyte must be collected at a specific location in the Fortnite map.

Fortbyte #47 Location

Fortbyte 47 has no special pickup requirements, so don’t worry about having a wear a specific skin or using an emote.

For this one, you simply have to find the right spot and pick up the item. We’ve got a video showing the exact location you will have to head to in order to complete this Fortbyte challenge.

You’ll need to head to the west of Lazy Lagoon and just east of the ‘umbrella’. The Fortbyte is located in the jungle, in the middle of a few rocks.

Unlike hidden Battle Stars, Fortbytes can be seen from a distance. If you don’t land perfectly the first time, look around a bit and you will quickly the location using the video above and the map below.

Fortbyte #47 location

If you need help finding other Fortbyte locations or simply want to see a full list of currently available Fortbytes, you can head to our hub article on the subject.

We hope this guide will help you on your way to getting all 100 Fortbyte pieces. Check back regularly as we release more guides on other Fortbytes and challenges.

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