Fortbytes continue to drop into the Fortnite world and the latest one takes us to one of Fortnite’s signature locations. Pack your bags, we’re landing at Dusty today!

If you haven’t been keeping up with Season 9, Fortbytes are a new type of collectible exclusive to the current season. They can only be collected by players who own the premium Battle Pass.

Epic releases a new Fortbyte to the playerbase each day and almost all of the Fortbytes are location-based challenges. This means players must find a specific location on the map using a small clue given by Epic.

Fortbyte #31 Location

The clue given for #31 mentions a ‘meteor crater.’ This will already give you a bit of an idea where you will want to land! Dusty Divot will be your destination today!

Specifically, you will want to head to the destroyed warehouse that overlooks the divot. The Fortbyte is located therein.

Fortbyte #31 Location

Once you’ve landed at the warehouse or near it, head inside. The building includes a metal catwalk inside of it along with some assorted crates.

The Fortbyte is very visible and sits right in the middle of the metal catwalk. Here’s a picture of the Fortbyte:

Yeah…this one is not hidden at all.

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