We’re almost done with the longest series of challenge articles in Fortnite’s history. Fortbyte 21, found inside a metal llama, marks the 99th Fortbyte. Only one more to go.

Fortbytes have been an interesting experiment for us players and Epic Games. They’ve introducing daily objectives without the need for specific rewards, but rather an overarching set of milestones.

We’d say Epic Games has succeeded in developing a long term challenge system that feels like a solid grind which properly rewarded. As we near the very end of Season 9, the last two Fortbytes await.

Fortnite Fortbyte #21 Location – Inside a metal llama

While Season 9 will end up being among Fortnite’s longest seasons, it’s unbelievable how quickly we’ve come to the end. We swear it was just yesterday when the Slipstreams entered the island and we entered Neo Tilted for the first time.

Oh well, that’s the way of the world. The second to last Fortbyte, number 21, tasks you with finding it inside a metal llama. Many of you will already know where to head as it’s a long standing monument in Fortnite. No additional Battle Pass items need be unlocked for this challenge.

As if our other recent Fortbyte guides, we’ll run the process down via a step-by-step list.

  1. Jump into any Core mode or Team Rumble
  2. Land at the location marked above
  3. Proceed to enter the metal llama
  4. Walk up two flights of metal stairs
  5. Fortbyte 21 is located on the stairs
  6. Pick up the Fortbyte
  7. Success!

In addition, we’ve gone ahead and capture a small clip of our collection again. It wasn’t quite as easy as expected due to swarms of hungry players wanting to nab a few quick kills.

Epic Games seems to saving some of the more simple challenges for last as a treat for hardworking players. Other challenges have included puzzles or skydiving, but it’s nice to have a variety rather than a single type of challenge.

On July 17, Epic will release final Fortbyte and the long process of completing the encrypted image will be over. It’s been quite a journey and we hope to see Epic bring something similar into Season 10. We’d be surprised if they didn’t, but we’re also sure it won’t be a carbon copy of this season.

As a reminder, Season 9 will end on August 1st so you have until then to collect all these Fortbytes and finish out your Battle Pass.

For those seeking guides on other Fortbyte, you should check out our extensive hub article. All location & challenge based Fortbytes include their own guide along with maps and videos.

What’re your thoughts on Fortbytes and should something similar return for Season 10? We think they bring a proper mix of grinding and reward, but we’d like to hear your thoughts as well on the matter.