Fortbytes challenge players in various ways to unlock the secret of the large Fortbyte image file. Fortbyte number 17 tasks players with finding a wooden fish building.

The Fortbytes are a new tier of challenges exclusive to Battle Pass owners in Season 9. With each unlocked Fortbyte, a small part of a larger image is revealed in the Fortbyte Challenge Menu.

The latest addition to the Fortbyte Challenge list is number 17. The challenge tasks players with finding a wooden fish building somewhere on the Fortnite map.

Fortbyte #17 Location

The wooden fish structure mentioned in Fortbyte #17 clue will lead you to the hot springs and geysers at the northern edge of the map. You can find them due north of Lazy Lagoon.

Fish shaped building location

Once there, you will immediately see the structure as it’s quite massive and sticks out from the other scenery. You will want to head into the building promptly as other players may be nearby, getting ready to take out players going for the Fortbyte.

The Fortbyte is located on the tail end of the fish, on the bottom ‘floor.’

We’ve got a video showing our descent onto the structure and the exact location of the Fortbyte.

Thought it is not shown in the clip, we were swarmed by 4-5 players directly there after. Needless to say, we were eliminated swiftly.

For more guides on Fortbytes and a complete list of currently available Fortbytes, check our Fortbyte hub article. Once there, you will find links and other resources to help you on your way.

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