Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 1, Week 4 is here and players will have a brand-new set of challenges thanks to the Dockyard Deals Mission, with one specific task asking players to visit a Boat Launch, Coral Cove, and Flipper Pond.

As always, Epic Games are set to add another set of Missions to the game on Thursday, October 31, with plenty of XP and Battle Stars on offer for those who successfully complete them. 


One of the Dockyard Deal Missions will have players hunting around the map, as it forces you to visit a Boat Launch, a Coral Cover and a Flipper Pond, none of which are marked on the Fortnite map.

If you don’t want to spend ages searching the map in hopes that you’ll stumble across these locations, we’ve got you covered. First off, if you’re looking for the Boat Launch, you need to head to the south of the island and find the snowy hill that sits behind Misty Meadows.

On the very back of this ridge is a smaller hill, with a boat parked ready to be blasted off the edge. Simply walk over, and you should receive a pop up signaling that this part is complete.

Fortnite’s Boat Launch location. Credit: Epic Games

Next, you’re headed to the sandy beaches in the north-west, and specifically, the longest island of the cluster that sits out to sea. On the eastern side of the island sits the Coral Cove, a number of small huts with coral roofs, and a campfire.

Fortnite’s Coral Cove. Credit: Epic Games

Finally, the Flipper Pond sits close to Holly Hedges, with a small house and a jetty for players to sit on should they choose to do some fishing while they’re there.

Flipper Pond sits in the middle of the map. Credit: Epic Games

If you’re still having issues finding them, or are just trying to plot the quickest way to do it, we’ve marked all three spots on the map below.

A map showing the three locations. Credit: Epic Games

Don’t worry about visiting all three locations in a single match, as this is not a requirement for this challenge. You can visit them whenever you like, and there is no specific order to which you need to go them.

Remember, you’ll need to be a Battle Pass owner to take on Fortnite‘s Dockyard Deals challenges, which go live on October 31, so don’t attempt to visit these spots if you don’t own it.