In order to unlock Fortbyte 92, players will need to use a specific spray and head over to the Volcano. We’ve got a map and video to help you complete the challenge in no time!

Fortbyte #92 was unlocked by Epic Games for all players with the Battle Pass recently. The challenge sees players making a trek over to the Volcano.

According to Epic Games, at least one Fortbyte challenge will be unlocked every single day until the end of Season 9.

Fortbyte #92 Location

While a few of the past Fortbyte have not required any special items, number 92 will require that the player has reached Battle Pass Tier 2 and unlocked the ‘Rock Love’ spray.

Equip this spray into a quick use slot and head to the Volcano. The area you are aiming for is the largest ‘isle’ of obsidian rock directly after the southern crack in the Volcano.

Here’s a map showing the location you will need to head to.

Fortbyte #92 location

Once you land at the location marked above by the red circle, you will probably already see the locked Fortbyte floating above the ground. In order to unlock it, you will have to use the ‘Rock Love’ spray near it.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to be very accurate and spraying just about anywhere close to the Fortbyte will unlock it. We’ve got a short video showing our process of the picking up the Fortbyte if you prefer a visual description.

That’s all you’ll have to do here, but there’s many more Fortbytes to unlock and a recent leak has revealed many of the coming Fortbyte locations. We’ll keep you up to date with guides each day for any location based challenges.

Check out our hub article for a complete list of all unlocked Fortbyte challenges as well as guides for those challenges.

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