Many of Fortnite’s early season challenges tend to revolve around the new locations. It’s a way for Epic to try and push players to try out new content.


If you haven’t played Season 9 yet, let us be the first to tell you…a lot has changed. The Pump shotgun is out with a replacement ‘Combat Shotgun.’ Jonesy grew a beard that he might or might not trip on. And the future has officially begun.

As players have been transported to the future, the Season 9 map has some significantly different additions to it. One of these is the Slipstream movement system. Another notable addition is the ‘Skybase’ location which serves as this season’s Pirate Camps.

Skybase Locations

Skybases are floating platforms which contain a few ground loot spawns and along with a couple of possible chests. They are easy to see from a distance as they are gigantic.

One of the Week 1 challenges tasks players with reaching all of these locations. You don’t have to complete this objective in a single match.

Instead of trying to explain what the bases look like in words, we’ve taken a bit of video showing the pneumatic lift mechanics at work.

So, as you can see, the loot may not be the greatest up in the Skybase, but the mobility the airlift gives is quite nice. You can travel long distances using a combination of Volcano Vents, Skybases, and Slipstreams.

Alright. Now, where are the Skybases located? We’ve got a handy map that can show you the way to nearest Skybase. This will help you complete the weekly challenge in a few matches without breaking a sweat.

Skybase Locations in Season 9

Tell us what you think of Season 9 so far in the comments below. We are reserving judgement until the meta settles, but the changes look decent from the first day of gameplay. Some streamers and pros feels differently.