Weekly missions offer additional Battle Stars for players and one of Week 3’s requires players to find ‘cube memorials’ around the map.

Season 10, with its BRUTE mechs and Rift Zone Fiends, isn’t the cleanest period in the game’s history, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to complete our Battle Pass. Missions have replaced challenges and offer many of the same rewards within a better progression system.

Week 3’s Battle Pass mission set is known as ‘Worlds Collide.’ The set contains both normal and Prestige missions. One of these missions has players on a quest to find so-called ‘Cube memorials.’ Don’t worry, we’re here to help you out.

These can only be completed by premium Battle Pass owners.

Fortnite Season X Cube Memorial Locations

Cube Memorial at Loot Lake

Alright, once you’ve bought the Battle Pass, you’ll see the Worlds Collide mission set become active. We suggest taking a look around the rewards and other missions just in-case you are strapped for time and need to knock out two or three birds with a single stone.

In Season X, challenges unlock cumulatively which means you’ll need to complete at least one challenge to reveal the memorial cube objective. To keep thing simple, let’s run through the entirety of the challenge using a list.

How to complete ‘Visit a memorial cube’ mission

  1. Complete any one of the three unlocked ‘Worlds Collide’ missions
  2. After doing so, the Cube Memorial missions will unlock.
  3. Hop into any Core mode or Team Rumble
  4. Head to one of the two locations marked on the map below
  5. Stand nearby the Cube memorial (picture above)
  6. Finished, done and dusted!
Cube Memorial Lake/Desert Locations

Depending on your current Worlds Collide progression tier, you’ll unlock Battle Stars, a loading screen, XP, or a Drift-themed Glider.

All Season X Week 3 Worlds Collide Missions

Desert Cube Memorial Location

The rest of the Worlds Collide missions are pretty straight forward with most being self-explanatory. For those not familiar with Rift Zones, the current ones include Loot Lake, Tilted Town, and Retail Row. They are all time warped locations hit with a beam of Rift energy.

You can the full list of challenges in this image by @Lucas7yoshi.

Worlds Collide Missions

We wish you good luck with the rest of your challenges. If you are stuck on a mission, we suggest getting a friend to help out. All Fortnite missions and challenges can be completed through the use of Party Assist which lets you and one other person share challenge completion in-game.

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