With July 10 Fortbyte unlock, diligent players will be able to unlock the Season 9 Singularity skin. The new skin has a total of five hidden Styles linked to the hidden helmets found around the Fortnite map.

We’ve been posting up guides and information about Fortbytes for the entirety of Season 9. If you’ve been hard at work collecting each and every one, that effort is now finally going to pay off.

The 90th Fortbyte unlocked on July 10 along with the Singularity skin if you’ve collected all 90. There are also a total of five hidden Styles for the outfit that can be unlocked by finding five hidden Singularity helmets.

Singularity Hidden Helmet Style Locations

First off, we’ll give you a picture of the Singularity skin just in case you’ve never seen it. It’s a futuristic style skin which fits nicely into the Season 9 narrative.

Singularity Outfit – Unlocked at 90 Fortbytes

Now, the skin also has five hidden Styles which are unlocked by collecting five hidden Singularity helmets. These are scattered all over the Fortnite map and can be a bit tricky to find. We’ve put together a map and close up location pictures to ensure get all five easily.

Singularity Helmet Locations

The above map shows all Singularity Helmet locations, but we understand that you’ll have a hard time without a more pinpoint guide. So, we’ve gone into the game and captured pictures of each pickup location.

The images do not show the Singularity skin as you will need an account with the skin unlocked in order to see and collect them. Make sure to equip the Singularity skin once you’ve unlocked it before you venture out into the world.

Singularity Cuddle Style Helmet Location

The Cuddle Style and Helmet is located in Pressure Plant, where the Giant Robot is being built to fight the Cattus Monster.

Cuddle Style

Singularity Durr Style Helmet Location

The Durr Style and Helmet are found in Durr Burgerss home town of Neo Tilted.

Durr Style

Singularity Drift Style Helmet Location

The Drift Style and Helmet lay behind two crates at the crumbled remains of the Cattus monster’s escape.

Drift Style

Singularity Rex Style Helmet Location

The Rex Style and Helmet are fittingly situated in middle of a green opening to the west of Dusty Divot, nearby one of the game’s Skybases.

Rex Style

Singularity Pizza Style Helmet Location

The Pizza Style and Helmet are located at Loot Lake on a rocky outcrop which overlooks the Vault.

Pizza Style

Fortbyte Challenge Guides & Information

The task of collecting 90 Fortbyte can be a daunting challenge and it’s extremely time consuming work. Luckily for you, we have a full set of guides for each Fortbyte. We’ve compiled them into a master hub Fortbyte article which includes every available collectible so far.

With the help of these guides and the images up above, we hope you’ll be able to don the Singularity skin as soon as possible. You can find additional Fortnite news, guides, original content, and more daily on FortniteINTEL.

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