One of the first missions of Season X requires players to travel to a Drift painted Durr Burger head, a dinosaur, and a stone head.

Season X’s launch changed the usual weekly challenges into ‘Missions’ which release on a weekly basis along with a secondary free set to replace daily challenges. Another two sets include rewards for Season Levels and Team Rumble tasks.

Among the first missions is an objective which requires players to find three separate iconic objects on the island. We’ll help you out so you can get back to nailing headshots and clutching up Victory Royales.

Where to find a Drift painted Durr Burger head

The first missions in the Road Trip set can be completed in any order you wish, but we’ll start with the Durr Burger head since it’s first in the description.

Vigilantly watching over Pleasant Park since Season 5

You’ll want to head towards Pleasant Park for this. The Durr Burger head doesn’t include major loot sources around it, so land within Pleasant first to grab a gun or two. Then waltz on over to get the mission completion. That’s it! Now, you’re ready to head to the next objective.

Where to find a dinosaur on the Fortnite Island

Don’t worry, Epic Games hasn’t added a living dinosaur to the game just yet. They decided the B.R.U.T.E. would do the trick for Season X’s version of the Infinity Blade.

Anyway, the dinosaur can be found in the desert biome, south of Paradise Palms. The metal behemoth stands proudly next to his or her prehistoric buddy. Again, all you must do is go anywhere near the beast and you’ll get the second completion tick.

Who you looking at, Dino?

Where to find a stone head on the Fortnite Island

In previous seasons, stone heads encompassed several parts of the island, but only one remains after dozens of map changes. In order to complete the final piece of the mission, you’ll need to head to the snow biome.

Stoic, wouldn’t you say?

The stone head is located northeast of the frozen lake which still houses Greasy Grove. It’s truly unfortunate that the fan-favorite location didn’t return with Season X, but several other map changes did occur.

After you’ve arrived at the stony visage, you’ll get the mission completion. Once you return to the lobby, you’ll be greeted with a new ‘Congrats!’ screen that displays your reward. Rewards vary depending on how many missions you’ve completed in the set so far.

Here are all the possible Rewards from the Road Trip missions (the final reward is a Back Bling):

Road Trip Mission Rewards

You can also Prestige the missions similar to Call of Duty’s classic leveling system. Upon completing all the tasks, you can choose to complete harder versions of the missions for extra rewards.

These are totally worth completing as well since it’ll get you done with the Battle Pass much quicker than previous seasons via XP bonuses. Here are the rewards for the Prestige Road Trip missions (final reward is a Style for Catalyst):

Prestige Road Trip Mission Rewards

So, how have you been enjoying Season X so far? Our initial impressions are mixed due to the strangely overpowered B.R.U.T.E. mixed with pleasant changes like the removal of Shadow Bombs and Redeploys. While some players may not like these items being gone, it’ll freshen up the meta with more cautious gameplay.

We wish you luck in completing the Season X Battle Pass! Be sure to check back regularly for additional guides and news for all things Fortnite.

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