The tenth week of Fortnite Season 9 Challenges has gone live! One of the Free Challenges requires players to locate and farm materials from a total of six objects located around the map.

This challenge is rather easy, players must simply navigate to each of the specific points located within Fortnite’s Battle Royale map, then harvest the required material using the Pickaxe until that stage of the Challenge is complete.

For the Wood and Stone materials, there are two separate objects which can be mined for this Challenge, while the Metal stage requires the player to mine in a specific location.

  • Stage 1/3: Collect (100) Wood from a Pirate Ship or Viking Ship – 2 Battle Stars
    • Stage 2/3: Collect (100) Stone from a Fork Knife or Umbrella – 2 Battle Stars
    • Stage 3/3: Collect (100) Metal from a Robot Factory – 1 Battle Star

Wood – Pirate Ship or Viking Ship

The Pirate Ship can be found docked at Lazy Lagoon. If you’re more on the south side of the map, the Viking Ship can be found atop the viking mountain near Snobby Shores.

Stone – Fork Knife or Umbrella

The Fork Knife is a play-on-words of Fortnite, it refers to the Fork and Knife shaped quarry near Fatal Fields. This is also the case for the Umbrella, which refers to the Umbrella shaped quarry near The Block.

Metal – Robot Factory

The Robot Factory refers to Pressure Plant, where a massive robot is currently being built as the build-up event leading to Fortnite Season 10.

For those of you who have played previous seasons, what are your thoughts on Fortnite Season 9’s Challenges compared to the others? Regardless, would you prefer that Season 10’s Challenges be easier or harder then Season 9’s?

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