Another week of Battle Pass challenges has been released for Fortnite! One of these challenges tasks players finding three separate race tracks and completing a lap at each.

Each week, Epic releases a new wave of challenges for free and premium Battle Passes. The challenges always include a wide variety of obstacles and some can be more difficult to complete than others.

The toughest challenges generally have to do with location based objectives. This is due to the need to remember where every little location is on the map. Don’t worry, we’re here to help with a few guides on the matter.

Desert, snowy, and grassland track locations

There are indeed three race tracks scattered around the Fortnite map. None of them are particular hot spots for landing due to mediocre loot, but they’ll be seeing a lot more traffic this week.

As the challenge is a ‘stage based’ challenges, you will need to complete it in a certain order as they appear in your challenge menu.

  • Stage 1/3: Complete a lap of a Desert race track – 1 Battle Stars
  • Stage 2/3: Complete a lap of a Snowy race track – 2 Battle Stars
  • Stage 3/3: Complete a lap of a Grassland race track – 5 Battle Stars

In all, if you complete them all, you will get a nice bonus of 8 Battle Stars to help on your way to Tier 100.

Race tracks located around the Fortnite map

This map shows the locations of each race track on the map. You should be able to figure out which one is which from the map’s clear biomes.

Remember, you will need a vehicle to complete the challenge stages. Any vehicle will do, but the Baller and Driftboard will get you done the quickest. Ballers spawn at the start of each race track, but this might be heavily contested for the first few days.

For a full list of Week 5 Season 9 challenges, you can head to our Week 5 hub article.

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