While we don’t know what the Rift Beacon is being caused by, we can identify a pattern in locations that will help us identify it’s next locations.

Ever since Season X started, a rift beacon in the sky has marked areas that are about to change in Fortnite. It started with Neo Tilted which became the no-build zone Tilted Town after the beacon marked it, then it moved over to Mega Mall which reverted into the old Retail Row.

With Tuesday’s patch, the beacon moved over to the Soccer Stadium. This is an interesting move as the beacon has settled on an area that has been virtually untouched over the years in Fortnite. Both the Mega Mall and Neo Tilted beacons signaled a return to their roots for the two areas, although Neo Tilted may have gone back a bit too far.

The Soccer Stadium was destroyed leaving a glitched area with old consumables to be picked up. That might be how it stays for the rest of the season or it may change again when the beacon leaves for another target as a desolate piece of ground is hardly the most exciting location.

But how about after that?

Where is the Rift Beacon going next in Fortnite?

So far the Rift Beacon has traveled to some of the oldest and most talked about points on the Fortnite map. It has stayed near the center in the grass biome that once covered the whole map but has been shrinking over past seasons.

Here are some likely places where the Rift Beacon will go and a prediction for what will change. Reminder, these are just predictions, we do not actually know what Epic has planned for the future of the beacon.

Risky Reels might be coming back

Epic Games has brought back a ton of old points of interest in this season but I think one of their biggest is still to come. The Fortnite community has been clamoring for the return of the drive-in movie theater since The Block smashed it during the Game Awards nearly a year ago.

Before this season Epic added in a little shrine with two cars and the old Risky sign to a place near where the theater once sat. My prediction: The rift moves towards that shrine and turns it back into the old location with maybe a couple new changes.

Salty Springs could get some love

Few areas in Fortnite have been as untouched as Salty Springs. While Tilted, Loot Lake, and Retail Row all have changed considerably, Salty has just powered through the Fortnite seasons. There are many old points of interest which no longer exist, but Salty has just stayed consistent in a nice spot in the bottom middle of the map.

Now it is time for a face lift. While other rift beacons indicated a change backwards, I think Salty gets flung forward in time – it really has no where to go back too. With the beacons being attracted to some of the famous locations, Salty feels like a logical choice for a future move.

Fatal Fields final form

In the same vein as Salty, this section of the map has stayed virtually untouched over the seasons. A player could drop in Salty and travel to Fatal and it would be hard to tell what season they were playing in based on just the locations.

It’s time to spice up the farm, I’d love to see Epic modernize the farm and turn it into a really interesting place to drop in for Fortnite. It isn’t clear if they are only going back in time, if they are, Fatal would be really difficult to turn back the clock on. But if they are open to a lot of different changes, Fatal is a good candidate for an overdue makeover.

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